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Re: crafts-person-ship

John Rommel Miller is to be commended for using a nonsexist term in place of
"craftsmanship".  Substituting "person" for "man" is often awkward and is
likely to offend rather than enlighten.  But there are other alternatives.
 Some possibilities include: artisanry, artisanship, craft, handiwork,
skilled-craft work, expertise, handicraft, skill, artistry, quality, crafts
skills, expertness, expertise, or any other word that mentions the
characteristics that contribute to the piece's beauty or the specific skills
that went into its making.  These suggestions were lifted from The Bias-Free
Word Finder by Rosalie Maggio (ISBN: 0-8070-6003-8).

Two similar books from the studio library are: The Nonsexist Communicator by
Bobbye Sorrels (ISBN: 0-13-623405-4) and Guidelines for Bias-Free Writing by
Marilyn Schwartz and others (ISBN: 0-253-20941-2).

The advantage of re-thinking fuzzy, over-generalized, cliche-ridden words is
that we can replace them with concrete, active words that more dramatically
and convincingly express our ideas.

Ed (Hutchins)

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