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medieval bookbinding

>On Tues, 5 Mar 1996, Terry Collins wrote:
>Good afternoon.  Can anyone suggest a title of a book that discusses medieval
>bookbinding?  Specifically, the construction: sewing, endsheets and board
>attachment and not so much the finishing.

Thanks to all for the responses to my question.  Perhaps my thinking was too
linear, that prompted the general question.  My thought was if the flexible
style dominated in the 17th and 18th centuries (and before), then what style
was prevalent before that?

I was looking for a title I could obtain through ILL and take my bench
experience a step further.  One title suggested was Books and Their Makers
by George H. Putnam (Hillary House 1962), but it seems to deal with the
history of production and distribution, rather than technique.

Terry Collins
Gramley Library, Salem College
Winston-Salem, NC

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