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Re: Cigar Afficiando Binding Article

I picked up a copy of the magazine today at a local newsstand, but it
might be more difficult out in the country.  The magazine is very slick,
seems aimed at linking cigars with monetary sucess, the good life,
expensive hand crafted items.  Also interviews "famous" people who smoke
cigars.  Ironically, the editorial in this issue is a plea for raising
funds for prostate cancer research!

I went into Weitz's shop once.  I started asking a few questions, he flew
into a rage and asked me to leave.  The article seemed fairly accurate on
his personality, and has some great photos.

The GBW bit, I hope, was a mistranslation on the reporters part.  I
assume what they ment to say was that the GBW is open to all persons
interested in bookbinding, therefore cannot vouch for their craft ability.
But it does come across like the GBW does not recommend its members.  Oh
well, I bet anyone reading the article will send their books to Weitz anyway.

BTW- also in the mag. is an interesting article on Blatt Billiards.

jeff peachey

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