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Re: medieval bookbinding

Having been away from the computer for a few weeks, I missed Terry
Collins' original post, and don't know if anybody else suggested this one
or not.  If I'm repeating, please excuse.

Archtype's 1995 catalogue lists Brownrigg's new book "Making the Medieval
Book:  Techniques of Production".  This was one I was interested in
myself, but haven't read any reviews; since it lists at L65 sterling, I
would like to hear feedback on it.  (That's a big investment for someone
who's just beginning to pay back her student loan!  :)  ) Any thoughts from
the experts out there?  Is this one I ought to have on the reference shelf?

Cheers, Norah--
"Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to
find, and not to yield."

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