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Antique Paper Cutter

Let me apologize up front to anyone on the list who finds this post to be


I am trying to find a new home for an antique paper cutter and it was
suggested this was an appropriate place to post a query.

Up front....

this cutter is not suitable for hobby printers as it is LARGE and HEAVY.
It was/is a commercial piece of equipment. Specifically, the cutter is a 38
inch cutter made by the Dexter Co. It is a mechanical paper cutter
(motor driven with the blade cutting cycle being actuated by a clutch)
and in excellent condition.

If anyone is interested in further details or knows of anyone who might
be interested in this antique beauty please e-mail me privately. I would
hate to see this end up in a scrap metal yard.

Any inquiries or referrals are appreciated.

jack sinclair
dilator press
atlanta, ga.

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