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Professional Recommendations (was: Cigar Afficiando Binding Article)

Regarding Don Pollock's post below:
As a member of the Board of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists
Guild, may I suggest that the GBW may have felt the same way our own Guild
does. That is, unless we are going to have professional accreditation of
our members, we cannot accept responsibility for their professional
abilities. Just because a member declares him or herself to be a bookbinder
does not mean that they are (in fact, we know from experience that some of
them are not, although s/he may have taken some workshops and bound a
couple of books).
Our Guild gets many requests from members of the public to recommend
binders/restorers who could repair or rebind their old books and family
treasures; if we recommend someone we have to be sure that person will do a
proper job, or the Guild's reputation will suffer, and we may, in fact, be
liable for damages. If we only recommend those of our members who we know
for a fact are capable, we get accused of favouritism. Instead, we supply
the names of our members in the relevant geographic locale, with the caveat
that it is up to the client to determine the competence and ability of
whomever they choose to do the job. Hence, "not necessarily recommended".
If anyone has a solution to this problem I, for one, would like to hear
about it, and I suspect other organizations which have similar liability
concerns would like to as well.

>Anyone see the article on hand bookbinding in the current issue of CIGAR
>AFFICIANADO? I was amused by the size of some egos in the report... but
>was also
>surprised by the infelicitous comment that the Guild of Book Workers "does not
>necessarily recommend" it members. The use of "necessarily" transforms a
>perfectly common policy of professional organizations into a kind of
>no-confidence statement. Anyone else get that impression?
>Don Pollock

Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
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