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Re: Professional Recommendations (was: Cigar Afficiando Binding Article)

Richard Miller's post regarding the CBBAG confirms what I suggested in my
original post -- that a perfectly common policy of professional organizations is
converted into something more dire by the use of "not necessarily" in the Cigar
Aficianado article.

He writes:
>Instead, we supply
>the names of our members in the relevant geographic locale, with the caveat
>that it is up to the client to determine the competence and ability of
>whomever they choose to do the job. Hence, "not necessarily recommended".

Richard comments that the CBBAG might recommend binders if it were able to
impose certification standards on members, but let me suggest that this is not
the policy of most professional organizations that do certify members. The
American Medical Association will not recommend *me* even though I meet its
professional certification standards; it will supply you with a list of local
physicians who are board certified, AMA members, etc. I assume that the American
Bar Association operates similarly, and that the equivalents in Canada and
elsewhere have the same policy.

Don Pollock

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