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Professional Recommendation

Dear BookArts-subscribers,

Let me please point out to you how we solved the problem here in Holland.
Since 1991 we have an association called "VeRes". This is a group of
restorers and conservators from different disciplines (book- and
paperrestorers, furniture and woodrestorers, paintings, textiles, ceramics
and glass, scientific instruments and metal, clocks, pictureframes and
ship-models) which has appr. 300 members at this moment.

You can join this group when:
- you are working as a professional restorer;
- or when you are doing internships with the intention to be working as a
restorer in the future;
- or when you are doing a study to become a restorer.

In the last two cases you become a future-member (which pays less
contribution). You become a full member when you have been working in the
profession for at least 4 years.

When you want to become a (future)member you have to sign the "Ethical
Code". By signing this document you resign yourself to a number of rules
which have been put together by all of the members of VeRes. This code
refers to the way objects are to be restored and the way one has to deal
with commisioners and clients as well as collegues.
This Ethical Code is a very important instrument in VeRes. When somebody (a
member of VeRes) acts in contrary to this Code this person can be expelled
from the association. This means that s/he no longer will be on the
member-list. This list is used to answer questions from customers who are
looking for qualified restorers in a certain discipline.

When somebody (a commissioner or a collegue) is not satisfied with the way a
VeRes-member has done his/hers job then it is possible to make an official
complaint to the board of VeRes. A commitee is formed then which looks at
the complaint. If the complaint is justified the member will be warned or

Summarizing: you become a member when you meet the admittance-criteria. You
must resign the Ethical Code. As a member you get the benefits of the
association (professional acknowledgement, representation in bigger
organizations like ECCO, etc.). When you do not perform the way that is
described in the Ethical Code you can be
cast out.....

Cor Knops.

         | Knops Boekrestauratie
         | Restoration and Conservation of Books and Paper
         | Groenstraat 8
         | 6151 CS Munstergeleen
         | Netherlands
         | e-mail     : corknops@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
         | voice      : +31 46 4529643 or +31 46 4511822
         | fax          : +31 46 4529643
         | URL  http://www.worldaccess.nl/~corknops/

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