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Re: medieval bookbinding

>Archtype's 1995 catalogue lists Brownrigg's new book "Making the
>Medieval Book:  Techniques of Production".  This was one I was
>interested in myself, but haven't read any reviews; since it lists at
>L65 sterling, I would like to hear feedback on it.
>Cheers, Norah--

I have the book and thought it was a good investment.  The book itself
is laid out well and attractive, and I think the information in it was
well worth the investment, at least for me.  I am presently involved in
doing a thesis on twelfth- and early thirteenth-century binding.  I'
tied up at work right now and can't write more, but if anyone has any
specific questions about content, I'd be glad to answer them.  Oh, there
are great photos in it, too.


Pamela Rups
Western Michigan University

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