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bookbinding and kids

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my 12 year nephew binding books.
He lives in a small SE Alaska fishing community and he's been learning to
bind books via books and long telephone calls to me.  I was wonderfully
impressed how skilled he was and I'm wondering if there are other
bookbinders in the under sixteen set.

I would love to hear from bookbinding teachers about successful teaching
projects as I am hoping to keep him interested through the mail by
sending "projects" out to him periodically.

I'm also interested in hearing about any exhibitions that might be geared
at children.  I would very much like to pull him into the book
community.  Right now I'm his only contact.

Artemis BonaDea, Conservation Technician
Alaska State Library
Box 110571
Juneau, AK  99811

907/465-2924 (voice)
907/465-2990 (fax)

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