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browning of text

I have acollection of 17 and 18 century books and have found that if I read
the books alot that I have to wear white cotton gloves as some of the books
seem to  get brown where they are thumbed through alot.
Is this normal or is the humidity to high- I live in oregon it rains
alot.Also a couple of books have got dampstains in the last year or so
what is proper temp and humidity and can I deacidfy the books my self or do
I check the acid content with a acid pen or what?
does wrapping books in plastic or zip lock bags help or vacuum packing them
of any help
I read where you are suppose to air out and flip throug the pages to stop
foxing?-with proper temp and humidity.
Also books stored in some antique furniture on unfinished rough wood seem to
fair better than in finished wood.

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