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Re: bookbinding and kids

I loved Ed Hutchins's description of his bookmaking workshops.  I wish
had had multiple sessions to work with the same kids!  I have taught
little one-shots for teachers (at a language arts conference here) and
for kids at the art museum - a stop-by table at the Children's Art
Festival (in my clown persona!) and an afternoon workshop for kids and
adults, a couple of hours, as part of the museum's regular education
program.  They were very successful, but you certainly can't do more than
a single-sheet structure, a sewn signature and some basic pop-ups in such
short time periods.  People are pressing me for repeat sessions, though,
so it whets appetites, at least.

Thanks for all the details, Ed - I'm going to put your message with my
prep notes for the next one (scheduled next month).

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