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Re: bookbinding and kids:: Reading Skills

Ed's posting reminded me about Mabel Kaufman. Mabel was a professor of
Education at CCNY. Her husband Irving was chairman of the Art dept. At the
time of her retirement she was working on a paper which never got
published, in which she showed that teaching kids bookmaking improved their
reading skills.

Apparently once a child makes a book themselves and sees the other books
made by their classmates it demystifies the book as object, and they can
relate to an author as someone who made a book. Books are no longer
abstract objects that come from nowhere. Their interest in reading is

It would be great if some of the book artists who work with kis could get
reading level data about them from before and, say, six months or a year
after the workshop, and compare it to the reading levels of kids in the
same schools (and levels) who did not experience the workshop. Such data
could be the basis of a strong (and publishable) document usable with
Boards of Education to obtain funding for in-school book art programs.

If anyone on the list is a graduate degree candidate or Educatior
interested in this important area of research I would be happy to confer.



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