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Re: bookbinding classes/workshops in CT?

The Guild of Book Workers "Study Opportunities List" is avaialable via the
Guilds webpage and can be accessed through the "Book Arts Links" under Guild
of Book Workers. The url is <http://web.syr.edu/~pdverhey>. That is a great
place to start. In your area, Hartford, you will also find that you are very
close to Easthampton, MA a hotbed of excellent binding, and New Haven, with
Creative Arts Workshop. CAW offers at least 2 bookbinding classes I know of.


>        Hello all--
>I am desperately searching for some sort of classes and/or workshops on
>bookbinding/book repair in my area, but am coming up short! The closest
>places to CT that I can find are in Boston and NYC, but I can't make the
>time to commute at the moment. Does anyone know of anything that's going on
>in Connecticut remotely related to this? Any information would be *greatly*
>Thanks in advance!
>             "A room without books is a body without a soul"
>Tara D. Kennedy
>Acquisitions Assistant
>Trinity College

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