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disaster or new beginnings

Dear Friends--My computer was stolen with printer, scanner, modem, etc.=20
by my next door neighbor and his friends as a vindictive vengeful act. As=
a result, the next issue of Umbrella which was backupped and loaded might=
have been stolen and as yet I do not know.  I want you please to=20
advertise to any listserve you belong to, such as ARLIS, BOOK ARTS, EX=20
LIBRIS, BIBLIO etc. that Umbrella will be out when it can be, because it=20
has to be reconstituted after two months of inputting (and more).  I am=20
okay, but numb--it is as if my memory were erased--yet little pieces keep=
coming back.  Byron, if you want to order books, then fax me or write=20
me.  All others, until I can reconstitute some system of computer (in the=
next five days), I can be reached at dca@xxxxxxxx until Sunday night,=20
when I will be returning to Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles, I have no=20
access to email--nor can I access my email right now--so please fax or=20
phone or write, but do not use your computer, since I cannot respond.  I=20
am sorry about this--more than you can ever now--but I am totally okay=20
physical and mentally.  Spiritually, I am healing--but hate is a very=20
strong emotion.  I have been in contact with a private investigator and a=
legal aide, since our police force seems to be doing nothing to help our=20
condo and homeonwers against this criminal mind.  As it stands now, I=20
will be up and running as soon as my gurus get all the components=20
together and I will announce to the world I'm back on my email, etc.  So=20
please advertise for me, since I need your help.  And you can contact me=20
here in New Mexico just until Sunday.  Thanks!

P.O. Box 3640
Santa Monica, CA 90408
tel: (310)399-1146
fax: (310)399-5070
email when ready: umbrella@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


      David Abel =B7 Passages Bookshop
 808 Park Ave. SW =B7 Albuquerque, NM 87102
      (505) 843-9133 =B7 dca@xxxxxxxx


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