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Bookbinding and Kids

Following up on Ed Hutchin's wonderful account of his bookmaking
teaching marathon and Richard Minsky's comments about research into
the relationship between bookmaking and reading skills --

I would love to hear more about the work of Barbara Lazarus Metz and
Mabel Kaufman. My friend, the professor of education, and I are
perennially talking about doing a research project on pop-ups and
literacy learning. On the same topic, here are a few relevant
articles and a book from my bibliography (clearly, there's room for
a lot more):

Paul Johnson, _Pop-Up Paper Engineering: Cross-Curricular Activities
in Design Technology, English and Art_, London and Washington, D.C.:
The Falmer Press, 1992.

Patrick Shannon and Barbara G. Samuels, "Developing an Understanding
of Literacy through Production of Pop-up Books," _Reading Horizons_,
Vol. 25 No. 3, Spring 1985, pp. 213-221.

Brenda Miller Power, "Pop-Ups: The Rise and Fall of One Convention
in a First Grade Writing Workshop," _Journal of Research in
Childhood Education, 1991, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp. 54-65

Kurt W. Bittle, "Pop-ups in motion," _School Arts_, February, 1986.

"Only in mediocre art does life unfold as fate." -- Michael Ignatieff

Tom Walker
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