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Re: Book Arts Resources?

>A friend of mine, a school teacher, would like to experiment in his classes
>making artists books, book objects, etc. He asked if I could offer him slides,
>catalogues, photocopies, anything that he could use to show his class the kind
>and range of things that book artists have done. I have a few catalogues that
>I've just sent to him, but I wondered if anyone on this group had any ideas or
>resources that could be offered to a school teacher interested in fostering new
>book artists.
>I will also put him in touch with the NE Chapter of the GBW -- anyone know
>off hand who is the current president/contact of the chapter?
>Thanks for any help.
>Don Pollock

Yes. Get in touch with Janet Parker, Youth Programs Coordinator at Minnesota
Center for Book Arts, 24 North Third Street, Minneapolis, MN  55401. Phone
612-338-3634. She has put together a number of resources for teacher,
including a traveling exhibition of works created in programs with schools,
together with instructional suggestions, which can be had very
inexpensively. She just had a baby a few weeks ago, and she may have another
three or four weeks of leave, but I'm sure she would have suggestions for you.

charles alexander

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