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Revised CBBAG Website / Conference Announcement

Greetings and salutations from a snowy south-central Ontario: we got dumped
on during the night, which seems an unfair way to start Spring. Oh well...

I have finally updated the Guild's pages, adding _many_ new links to book
arts related sites which I know you will enjoy. I have also added a
completely new page which contains details of CBBAG's first conference and
book arts fair, to take place in Toronto on June 21, 22, and 23, 1996. The
page contains a list of workshops being offered, conference presentations,
mini-bios of all speakers and workshop leaders, and details of the
registration procedure.

I should let you know that the CBBAG website consists of three (3) pages in
two (2) different formats: the first being simple text which should be
readable by anyone, the other designed with tables and containing images -
more interesting visually but generally slower to load. The contents are
identical (except for the images). The three pages are an overview of the
Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild - exhibitions, workshops,
publications, etc - the new conference page, and the book arts links page.
All three pages are linked to each other and to the other version of each.

The URL is: <http://knet.flemingc.on.ca/~rmiller/cbbag/CBBAGhome.html>.
(You can get to all the pages from here but there is a counter on this page
which I'd like you to trip first. Please let the first page finish loading;
it's only 20k.)
I invite you all to visit if you are able and to send comments if you like.
There should be something for everyone who subscribes to this list.

Ciao, Richard.

Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
**Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild on the Web**

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