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Umbrella and Disaster

Dear Friends:

My computer was stolen last Thursday in mid-day as I went to pick up my
mail.  It was a vindictive and vengeful act on the part of my drug
dealer neighbor--but I cannot prove it.  The guys wore gloves!  They
only stole my computer and nothing else--the printer, scanner, monitor,
computer and even the shell of the old computer which served as a
pedestal for my monitor.  I am numb inside.  There is nothing
left--they even took the last backup disk for my next issue of
Umbrella, which was to have been in press as I write this.  I have lost
all my writing, my addresses both on the Net and off for 10 years and
more, my correspondence, personal and business, for 10 years--and a
great deal more.  I am starting from square one--with some luck by
having copied lots of data--but still, there are deadlines,
subscribers, and so much more.

I am telling you all this to send the word around, please, that
Umbrella will be late--very late--since I cannot produce it in a flash.
It takes months of work--and the last three months I have been writing.
Much of the original material for many of my columns has been thrown
away--clippings, etc.--so a truncated issue will be forthcoming. I have
gone into debt to buy a new system--without tools, what are you?  At
any rate, at this late stage of my life, I am beginning again--I am
full of denial right now.  And fatigued emotionally and overwrought, I
shall try to reconnoiter and begin again.  I beg you all to tell other
Listservs for me--librarians, collectors, artists, curators, and book
artists read Umbrella--even book dealers and friends do so too--but not
enough of them to gather them in on one list-serv or any one group.  So
please pass the word around.  And if any of you feel like helping
Umbrella continue either by a subscription ($18) or a donation to help
buy the computer equipment, I would be forever grateful.  I wonder
whether sometimes this is a sign--to anthologize and stop.  But I have
readers to satisfy and there is always much news.

Please send the word around that Umbrella will be late, because of a
burglary that will probably never be solved.  And so it goes.

Judith A. Hoffberg
P.O. Box 3640
Santa Monica, CA 90408
tel: (310)399-1146
fax: (310)399-5070

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