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Dear Friends,

One upcoming and exciting week long paper and book intensive "A Spring Papermaking
Retreat on Martha's Vineyard" with Donna Koretsky of Carriage House Paper and Sandy
Bernat of Seastone Papers is scheduled for May 27-May 31, 1996 on Martha's Vineyard
off the coast of Massachusetts. Sessions will include paper as art:pulp
preparation, using pigments and additives, working with high shrinkage flax to form
and sculpt dimensional pieces, pulp spraying to create a 4 x 6 ft. piece, and
embellishing surfaces with photo transfer. There will be a session on techniques of
Japanese papermaking and bookbinding. Studio visits to papermaker Eva Gallant,
Indian Hill Press - a letterpress printing shop on the island, and bookbinder M.E.
Pratt will be included. For more info. contact me  <sbernat@xxxxxxxx> and
check out the new Seastone Papers website: http://www.tiac.net/users/sbernat


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