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Papermaking from Recycled Bedding

I received the following the other day and promised I would forward it to
the list to see if anyone has an interest in his project. If you do, please
respond directly to Jason.
Thanks, Richard.

>X-Personal_name: Jason Haber
>From: DFNO@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: mailto:rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>I'm working on a startup company to manufacture handmade paper and dry
>sterilised half stuff from cotton salvaged from used bedding,(mattresses
>and box springs) I'll be dealing with over 7200 lbs of cotton monthly.
>looking for responses from the market, is there an interest in the
>"product"? done a lot of research, writing proposals, making samples,
>working on the funding stage.
>welcoming inquiries and reponses

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