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Book in Sheets - Collaboration? (fwd)

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I am posting the following message again in the hope of adding a few more
participants to the proposed Pygmalion project. As of now six people have
responded to my invitation. We have agreed that the best policy to follow
is for me to supply two copies of the text (and, maybe some images) and
I will receive one bound copy in return "payment". If get enough
responses I thought the combined solutions to "Pygmalion's problem"
would make an interesting small group exhibition. I am willing to pursue
the exhibition idea if there are enough solutions to exhibit.  Norman

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Date: Fri, 16 Feb 1996 22:36:06 -0500 (EST)
From: Sasowsky Norman <norsky@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Book in Sheets - Collaboration?

I have a "book in sheets" from one of my "fine press" artist's book
editions. I'm offering these as a "collaborative" venture. An edition of
thirty copies was originally intended and I have bound several copies.
I also had two copies bound by a professional binder. I have about twenty
sets of pages. These were computer typeset.  Metal plates were made and
letterpress printed on BFK Rives. The sheets have text on two sides (five
sheets) 14 X 11+", a title page backed by the copyright, and a colophon.
        The book is: PYGMALION - THE ARTIST'S STORY.  I wrote the text.
The theme of the book is an artist's search for "perfection", the
"perfect" image (woman) and presentation. Thus, the project lends itself
to a variety of artistic solutions. In the books that have been bound I
used monotype prints. I would be willing to supply images - although I'm
not sure how many, - or have the binder/artist interpret the text and supply
the images since this would be in keeping with the original concept, or
just use the text. My main interest is to have the idea for the project
move forward.
        I am willing to consider any collaborative arrangements, such as
making two or more copies and retaining one. I like the idea of having
several artists/binders, who find the text interesting, complete the
project in their own way. I have reservations about giving
these pages to beginning students.
        Please contact me if you have any ideas or would like more
information. I'd be glad to supply the text for consideration.

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