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Re: Summer

Judy and others interested in summer programs that combine creative writing
with artist book making should look into Sas Colby's "Studio in the Sky".
 She is giving two workshops:  July 21-26 at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in
Taos, New Mexico and September 21-27 at the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu, New
Mexico.  Fee is $850 and includes seminars, lectures, programs, lodging,
meals, etc.  For more information contact: Sas Colby, Box 6129 NDCBU, Taos,
NM 87571 (505) 751-3667

You also might want to consider this intriguing workshop:  "Narrative
Labyrinths and Structural Mazes" given by Marry Stewart (Syracuse University)
and Nancy Callahan (SUNY Oneonta) July 15-19 at the Women's Studio Workshop,
Rosendale, NY.  The description reads in part: "Using narrative themes that
reveal themselves through labyrinths, bridges and tunnels, Ms. Stewart will
guide participants through visual and verbal exercises that stimulate
concepts and suggest forms for visual books.  Ms. Callahan will lead the
class through the creation of a vast variety of book structures relating to
labyrinths and mazes."  Tuition is $400 ($425 members) and does not include
food and lodging.  For more information contact Women's Studio Workshop, PO
Box 489, Rosendale, NY 12472 (914) 658-9133 e-mail: wsw@xxxxxxx

If you do come, you are welcome to visit my studio in Cairo, NY, about 40
minutes away.  Ed (Hutchins)

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