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Re: Summer


There used to be both book arts and writing classes/programs at The Aha
School of the Arts in Telluride in the summer. Unfortunately I am not
certain who you should contact. Perhaps someone else here knows. My own
sense from previous programs is that the book art/visual art and somewhat
spiritual/meditative activities were the strength there and not the writing,
but my knowledge is certainly from a distance and I could be quite wrong.

I would love to know if anyone has brought bookmaking classes into the realm
of what goes on at Naropa Institute in Boulder in the summer. That would be
a fine addition to the great writing programs that take place there.

charles alexander

>Does anyone know of a book arts program that is combined with a poetry
>workshop - 1 or 2 weeks, preferably in a setting attractive in the summer?
>(i.e., not NY City - sorry Richard!)
>I don't necessarily mean poetry and book arts simultaneously - maybe one
>in the morning, one in the afternoon, or one week of one and one of the
>other.  The only possibility I know is Split Rock, which is attractive
>(LaPlantz), but I've been there twice and would prefer a new venue.
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