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Re: Summer

>There used to be both book arts and writing classes/programs at The Aha
>School of the Arts in Telluride in the summer. Unfortunately I am not
>certain who you should contact. Perhaps someone else here knows. My own
>sense from previous programs is that the book art/visual art and somewhat
>spiritual/meditative activities were the strength there and not the writing,
>but my knowledge is certainly from a distance and I could be quite wrong.
>I would love to know if anyone has brought bookmaking classes into the realm
>of what goes on at Naropa Institute in Boulder in the summer. That would be
>a fine addition to the great writing programs that take place there.
>charles alexander

Here replying to my own message, just to report that I had a conversation
with visiting poet Anselm Hollo today, who is on the year-round faculty at
Naropa, and he informed me that indeed there are a couple of presses at
Naropa and periodically there is some training in bookmaking, primarily
letterpress and literature-related. With Anselm there, and this summer I
know Bev Dahlen will be there, I think Peter Warshall will be there leading
nature walks (one of the best biologists on the planet, and certainly one of
the best to lead eco-poetic discussions anywhere in the American west), and
usually many other good writers, I would strongly encourage you about Naropa.

Unfortunately I don't have the address of the poetics programs there, at the
Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, which is part of the general
Naropa Institute. But you might contact Anselm Hollo directly at JDHollo@xxxxxxx


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