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I'm seeking an apprenticeship (read: free labor) in any/all of the
following: book design, construction, or conservation. My
literary/book aesthetic ranges from Constuctivist and
Suprematist, to Dada, Futurist, and Fluxus, but I would like to begin
an apprenticship with traditional methods in hope of incorporating
it with a MLS degree in the near future. Though I work full-time in
Seattle, I'm more than willing to travel to Portland or Vancouver,
BC on weekends, or work locally in the evenings/weekends. I would
also consider relocating to the SF Bay area. My experience includes:
producer of experimental poetry chapbooks, engraving press
operator (Carver & Cronite presses), editorial and research
assistant for a literary small press, and network
admin/department supervisor for one of the Northwest's largest
independant book publishers. I have also taught creative writing to
undergraduates, high school students, and federal inmates. Please
email direct with any questions or inquiries.


Re: Charles Alexander's post for summer writing/arts programs.

As an MFA graduate from The Naropa Institute (and therefore
unbias), I would highly recommend Naropa's Summer Writing
Program to anyone interested in combining their writing practice
with design and printing. Narapo has the former Tuumba
letterpress, and though they acquired their press shortly after I
left, I have seen many exquistite works they've produced. Naropa
also offers one-on-one writing consultation with literary
luminaries as well as group writing exercises, critique, lit crit
lectures, and roundtables.


Tom Malone

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