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Colorado/Polly Fox info

The Book Arts League is still active here and as far as I know, at that same

>Back when I lived in Boulder, there was a small but feisty Book Arts
>League (of the University of Colorado).  They had a press room in the CU
>library and offered letterpress classes every now & then.  The address I
>have for them (as of September, 1993) is:
>        Book Arts League of the University of Colorado
>        c/o Friends of the Libraries
>        University of Colorado
>        Campus Box 184
>        Boulder, CO  80309-0184
>Back then, Julie Seko was the President.  (Of the organization, that is!)
>The BAL sponsored lectures and tours of other facilities as well as

Also as an added note, Polly Fox is having a show of Marbled Monoprints April
12 through May 18th 1996 as well as teaching some Marbling workshops in
 April 13 and 14 at Dancing Horse Studios in Denver, CO. If anyone needs any
more information e-mail me back channel.......

Rhiannon Dent
(in Denver, CO, where spring is trying valiantly to arrive once and for all)

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