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In response to someone's inquiry about miniature books in Iowa . . .

The University of Iowa recently received more than 3,000 miniature books,
some 350 years old, many no larger than a thumbnail.

Estimated at $250,000, they were the gift of Charlotte Smith of Newton, Iowa
who had been collecting them since 1970.  She and her husband, Tom,
operated Tamazunchale Press, publishing works by Maya Angelou, Robert Penn
Warren and E.  B. White.

The collection covers the entire range of miniature book publishing . . .
types, printing, bindings, genre, chronology, etc.  All measure less than 3"
in their largest dimension (the "standard" definition of a miniature book).

Charlotte is well known in miniature book circles, has received awards from
the Miniature Book Society, and is known for the very high quality of her
collection and the books she published.

I am unaware of current plans for an exhibition, but would suspect the
University would plan something sometime soon.  Robert McCown, head of
Special Collections at the U of I Main Library, could provide more info.

I'll be happy to answer any questions about miniature books.  I'm not an
expert, but am a very active collector and enjoy researching matters
relating to this speciality.


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