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Casing Press

I just came back from the Public Library Ass. meeting inPortland .  While
there I saw a new casing press that Gaylord has just introduced that I
thought some of our readers might be interested in.  It is wooden and has
slots that the press boards slide into, so it appeared to me it would be
an easy matter to position them just right.  They can be reversed for a
flat surface.  The press is $449.  It can be used with a stand which
allows it to be put on the side and become a backing press.  For more
information you can contact Gaylord at PO Box 4901 Syracuse NY 13221-4901
or at 1-800-6634-6307 for customer service.  They also have a
preservation help line on Thursdays and Fridays at 1-800-428-3631.  There
home page is http://www.gaylord.com/

Another very nice wooden press is made by Richard Gaunt in Oregon.  I
have one and love it.  I don't have his address with me, but can get it.
He has been mentioned on the list before.


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