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Re: Books in Sheets

Many thanks to all the interested bookbinders who took me up on the offer
for *Some Really Ugly Clothes*; I am writing now to say that the unbound
copies are all gone. There are a few bound copies still remaining, though.

The level of interest in this project surprised and delighted me, to the
extent that my partner and I thought we should mention another book we have
available, in the hopes that it too might find some enthusiastic binders
out there.

It's a  miniature book from Prickly Pair Editions, landscape
format 1 and 7/8 by 3 inches, 3 signatures (9 folios total) of Arches Text
printed letterpress in Caslon with something called Cursive Script in red
for ornament. The text is taken from a poem called Old St. Nicholas,
written in 1882 by Samuel Bangs, the son of the first printer in Texas,
and it's illustrated with three multi-colored hand-stenciled illustrations
that spill over 9 pages ( a winter landscape, an interior scene with
Christmas tree, presents and chocolate rats -- mentioned in the poem --,
and another interior scene with a blazing fire, a mug of cocoa and a pair of
big red fur-trimmed gloves). Granted, miniature books aren't everyone's cup of
tea, but if you like them, or if you just think it might be fun to try
a fancy binding on one, this one is fairly snazzy, and could stand up to
quite a bit of decoration on the outside since it has so much on the inside.
The bound copies go for $85 but we'd be happy to offer the unbound to any
interested binders at $45.

Send questions or comments to Cory, at the above address, if before the end of
April, and to 559 Orange Street apt. 1-C New Haven CT 06511, if after.

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