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Re: small history question re paper

I don't know the answer to your question, but I know blue lined paper
goes back before 1860.  The Waring Library has Theses of graduates of the
Medical College of the State of South Carolina between 1825 and 1860 and
a fair number of them are written on paper with blue lines.

Interesting question.  Hope someone of you out there knows the answer and
will share it.

Jane Brown
Waring Historical Library
Charleston, SC

On Wed, 10 Apr 1996, Norah Shrubb wrote:

> This one came up at work today, and I just wasn't sure of the answer, nor
> where to look for a fast reference.
> Can somebody tell me when they started using blue-lined (or
> black-lined!) paper in school-books, scribblers, ledgers and journals?  Any
> info would be helpful, thanks!
> Cheers,
> Norah--
> "Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to
> find, and not to yield."                "She who endures well, conquers."

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