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Marbling problems and ideas

Dear Marblers,

During my latest marbling session I found that my colors became paler and
fuzzier at one end of the tray--whichever side of the tray the combs ending
up, that was the side that got paler and fuzzier.
To restate this another way:  my getgels came out fine; but when I passed a
comb through the getgel, then the colors became weaker at one end of the
tray.  Any suggestions?  The bath was NOT muddy.

One other question--does anyone have any suggestions on the proper ratio of
alum to just TWO cups of water?  All my books give directions for multi
liters of water.

Thanks so much.

Oh, here's something to share--I've been trying out a nice thin, CHEAP
Japanese paper (7.50 for a packet of several hundred sheets)--the paints
adhere beautifully without any alum.  Just a suggestion for anyone who might
like to try a different kind of paper and skip the alum step.  It's a little
tricky to lift off the bath without tearing, but I just leave one edge
un-marbled and use that as my gripping end.  After drying it irons out very
nicely without having to be pressed under weights.  I'de like very much to
hear from other people who are experimenting with different types of paper.

Best wishes,

Constance Vidor


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