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your site (legacyart)

Dear Mr. Downey:

Your site is, itself, well designed. However the work which is up looks
awfully provincial. I would rate it as follows:
       Don Asbee, C
        Alice de Boton, C-
        Larry Brow, D+
        James Downey, C+
        Michael Hook, B-
        Jim Kasper, C+
        Charles Strain, C-
        Carla Tighlman, C-

This is not to say that these people may not have done professional-quality
work. Very likely they have. But what they have put up is terrible mush,
and it reflects ill upon a very fine school. Must this Republican
Conservative political climate of ours intimidate the artists?


Dick Higgins
P O Box 27
Barrytown, NY 12507
        Tel: (914) 758-6488
        Fax: (914) 758-4416
        E-mail: dhiggins@xxxxxxxxxxx

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