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Re: Marbling problems and ideas

>For some time, I've had this idea in my head to marble on Tyvek. Anyone done
>it?  And just where would a guy go to get Tyvek that isn't printed with
>HOUSEWRAP all over it?  I know that they're making windbreakers out of it
> now, so some fabric must be out there.
>Also, it seems as if it would be a good cover material for bookbinding. I bet
>it would glue nicely and remain flexible. Anyone know the stats on
>it--acidic, neutral, etc?

Jean Formo produced quite a lot of "stained" Tyvek (TM), and you might be
able to reach her c/o Minnesota Center for Book Arts, 24 N. Third St.,
Minneapolis, MN 55401. She has taught a class in stained Tyvek there, too,
as well as other classes. Sorry I don't have her address and I have no idea
if she's got email or is on this list.

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