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Re: Marbling problems and ideas

>For some time, I've had this idea in my head to marble on Tyvek. Anyone done
>it?  And just where would a guy go to get Tyvek that isn't printed with
>HOUSEWRAP all over it?

Curtis 1000 in NY (1-800-332-0444) sells an archival grade Tyvek. It has no
additives or coatings. They sell it in sheets, rolls and envelopes.

About  a year ago I did some tests using Tyvek as a covering material .It
dyes very nicely and is easy to work with but adhesives tend to be a
problem. Paste and mc don't stick well, and pva s  tend to separate the
fibres.  Upon drying, I was left with  bubbles on the surface which
originated from within the Tyvek... the material seemed to delaminate. This
happened both when it was dried under pressure and not. A little more
experimentation however probably could overcome this.


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