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Re: Adhesive for bookplates

Mr. MacLaren,
might I suggest wheatpaste? I use a formulation of 60gr/400ml H2O. WOrks
very well. You could also use a combination of PVA and Methylcellulose. Here
at SU's Bird Library we simply attach them with a narrow bead of adhesive
along the top edge. I would personally use the paste if for no other reason
that it cleans easily should you put too much on, without staining. You
might also want to slip in a sheet of wax paper to prevent any transfer and
sticking to the flyleaf.


>Hi all-
>I recently made a friend some lino block printed bookplates for her birthday.
>Would anyone care to make recommendations/warning about types of adhesives
>to use to attach them? I'm a bit wary about using something like PVA, but
>perhaps I shouldn't be.
>Any comments would be appreciated.
>MacLaren North

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