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Re: Adhesive for bookplates

>I recently made a friend some lino block printed bookplates for her birthday.
>Would anyone care to make recommendations/warning about types of adhesives
>to use to attach them? I'm a bit wary about using something like PVA, but
>perhaps I shouldn't be.
>Any comments would be appreciated.

If you use PVA, the bookplates will be PERMENANT.  If you are concerned
about being able to remove them later, you should use something reversable
like wheat starch paste.  However, wheat starch paste is very wet, and
depending on the kind of paper your bookplates and books are made of, may
cause swelling or cockling.  You have to be careful.  You can mix PVA and
wheat paste together, which is usually semi-reversable, depending on the
ratio of PVA to paste (more paste = more reversable & more wetness, more
PVA = quicker drying time, less moisture to deal with)

Emily-Jane Dawson
Marine Sciences, Biology, IMS
University of California
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

tel:  (408) 459-4026
email:  emiljane@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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