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Re: travelling to Italy

>My colleague at work is travelling to Italy this summer and has asked
>me to collect interesting destinations for someone who is a graphic
>designer, a typophile, and in  general a book lover. I am sure there
>are hundreds of places to visit but if anyone has a destination that
>would not show up on the tour book, could you foward it to me at
>Much Thanks

Try Florence (Firenze), then drop by Florence, and don't forget to
round off the trip in Florence. The whole place is an aesthetic orgasm
- sorry, there's no other word for it. Loads of small bookbinders,
and that beautiful Florentine illuminated paper. Don't forget to visit
the library with Michaelangelo's staircase - there are no books in
it unfortunately, they're all round the back. You may be able to get
access to visit if you prearrange?

Siena has a couple of beautiful little antiquarian bookshops with very
fine stuff.

Tim Sheppard                   tim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Lilliput Press  -   Publisher of fine books in miniature

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