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Keep daily journal of bookbinding ideas, news on PC. Free software.

        Keeping a daily journal of bookbinding news and ideas can prove very
useful.  It helps you cope with "information overload."  It saves hours of
looking for information.  It can stimulate new ideas.  It makes it easy to
review your day, your week, your year.

        Keep your daily journal on any media -- steno pads, notebooks, scraps of
paper or your PC.  But certain methods and techniques ensure maximum value.
The combination of a pocket-sized "journal sheet" for immediate notes, and a
PC for storing significant ideas and information has proven ideal.

        We provide a free memo on keepng a daily journal [email
"jnlideas@xxxxxxx"], a free sample journal page [email "jnlsheet@xxxxxxx"],
and free software to maintain the journal on your PC [email
sqn35net@xxxxxxx".]  Good luck and best wishes,

Caroline Nachman, SQN Inc.  | For free SquareNote3.5,
"Organize, index, retrieve         | email "sqn35net@xxxxxxx"
 notes, ideas & documents.      | or open "http://sqn.com";
 Like index cards on a PC."     | or "http://www.sqn.com";

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