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Re: Adhesive for bookplates

Ms Dawson wrote:

>If you use PVA, the bookplates will be PERMENANT.  If you are concerned
>about being able to remove them later, you should use something reversable
>like wheat starch paste.  However, wheat starch paste is very wet, and
>depending on the kind of paper your bookplates and books are made of, may
>cause swelling or cockling.  You have to be careful.  You can mix PVA and
>wheat paste together, which is usually semi-reversable, depending on the
>ratio of PVA to paste (more paste = more reversable & more wetness, more
>PVA = quicker drying time, less moisture to deal with)

When concerned with reversability i have always used a very thick
mixture of methyl cellulose. I might reccomend this, except others
might have comments on why MC is not such a good idea. (and if that
is the case i'd appreciate hearing them.)


Erik Dahl
Defender of Antelopes

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