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Re: Bookbinding Supplies?

>I'm new to the list, and new to bookbinding.  However, I've been
>reading up on the process, and I think I'm almost ready to give
>it a shot.  I was hoping someone out there might be able to
>suggest reputable suppliers for basic bookbinding materials
>(paper, cloth, binder board, etc.).  Suppliers in Virginia,
>especially around the Williamsburg or Richmond area, would be
>of particular use, but anybody with a good mail-order reputation
>will do.  If you've had this discussion recently on the list, I
>apologize in advance for the repetition.
>Mike Blum
>try---craft bookbinding co.
2525 ebright road
wilmington delaware
call toll free 1800 869 1534

I haven't bought anything from them yet but know somebody that has-prices
seem expensive but if you have an expensive book it would seem trivial.
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