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Re: Tyvek

Tyvek should be just great. It is a spun-bound polyester material, and is
used and sold in archival supply catalogs. Uses include, envelopes, sleeves,
hinging tape...
Robert Espinosa, or maybe it was Futernick uses it as an inner joint hinge
to replace the traditional vellum when "reconstructing" medival style
bindings. Pam Barrios, might know more since she is on the list.

But hey, if anyone has any info to the contrary, let the rest of us know.


> I am a bit wistful watching all these neat tyvek things flash by.  As I
>recall it was a conservation no-no material since the chemical content
>was still under observation (longevity, off-gasing, etc.)  At least the
>artists are using it (sniff).  Which means fifty years from now the
>conservators will have to try and save it, whether they can or not.
>Could you creative types out there take a moment to ponder the future, in
>practical terms, before you create that monument for the ages which may
>only last two years or so?  Of course, if you don't care, nevermind, just
>don't get mad if someone asks how long it will last.
>Dorothy from the basement (where all repair units are kept)

>>>>Drink and be merry, for our time is short and death lasts forever<<<<

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