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Re: Marbling problems and ideas

One way of applying color to Tyvek that I haven't seen mentioned is to rub
on acrylic colors. It can be layered to get interesting effects. I have
tried rubbing it on with a soft surface such as cotton but have more success
with hard surface application such as wax paper or another piece of Tyvek.

Also of interest, I think I have seemed pre-colored Tyvek for sale from kite
making supply companies. One I remember is "Go Fly a Kite" in Boulder,
Colorado. Don't know if they are in business anymore.

At 08:37 PM 4/18/96 -0400, you wrote:
>RE: Marbling on Tyvek
>I would also be interested in any tips for color on Tyvek. I don't marble
>myself, but am interested in applying color in different ways. I inquired
Dave Walkden   dwalkden@xxxxxxxx

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