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Re: Needle breakage in oversewn binding

At 01:44 PM 4/19/96 -0400, you wrote:
>You should probably switch to double-fan adhesive binding anyway. With the
>proper adhesive and equipment such as the Planax fan glue device (there are
>several models) it is possible to bind the books pre-rounded so that they
>stay round. Thus bound the books will also open up infinitely better with
>less strain on the binding.

Can you recommend a glue device that is a bit less expensive? There was a
simple fan glueing machine demonstrated at the binding conference in Des
Moines about a year ago, but I neglected to get the name of the maker
>Oversewing is akin to mutilation, but that's just my opinion.

Agreed, but it worked pretty well when paper was nearly all cellulose.
>As to buffering the paper with up to 30% CACO3, I don't think that's
>possible. I believe that 3% CACO3 is the accepted standard for permanent
>papers. As far as I know it isn't even possible to bring CACO3 into solution
>at those levels.
Believe me, it is possible, because it is being done, especially in Europe,
where cellulose is more expensive than here. It is not in solution, however,
but is attached to the surface of the fibers like little rocks. The
Europeans used lots of ground marble, while we have been using lots of PCC
(precipitated calcium carbonate), a byproduct of the pulping process. Now we
are buying more and more chalk from Europe (there is none in this
hemisphere). The Europeans have a goal of 50% CaC3 by weight.
    A chap named D. Steven Keller, who teaches at Syracuse, is very
knowledgeable about paper, and has taught me a lot.

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