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Standing Press Quote Request

Would anyone on the list happen to have or know of a short(ish) piece,
prose or poetry, regarding standing presses?
Martin Wolf of the Nemo Press has volunteered to print an insert for a
forthcoming CBBAG newsletter to accompany an article he has written for us
about Monotype casting. He has a zinc cut of a Fench standing press he
would like to use if I can supply the text. The insert will be printed
letterpress from Monotype so that subscribers will see (and feel) what he
is writing about, instead of the computer-generated type printed offset of
the newsletter. Any help will be appreciated.
Please reply directly to: rmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Richard Miller
Abraxas/Peppermint Press
Editor, CBBAG Newsletter
**Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild on the Web**

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