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Wet Tyvek

>My question to Pam is that since tyvek is a moisture barrier won't that
>cause problems in getting a book with tyvek incorporated in its
>construction dry again if it gets wet?  We don't have climate control
>in our older storage areas so we have plenty of mold problems as it is!

Good question, but then, if it is a moisture barrier, would it ever
really get wet?  I have no idea.  I've only done a display for a company
that sells the stuff, which is why I know that it's a moisture barrier.
PVA is probably the best adhesive I've used on Tyvek, and if the book
got wet for long enough, what I imagine would happen is that the Tyvek
wouldn't absorb the water but that the PVA might loosen and the whole
thing would fall apart where it was only glued together.

I am not a conservator, so it's up to those of you who are to tell us
your thoughts on this.


Pamela Rups
Computer Multimedia Specialist
Instructional Technology Services
Western Michigan University

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