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Cosway bindings (fwd)

        Forwarded from the BIBSOCAN mailing list, the mailing list of the
Bibliographical Society of Canada, with implicit permission.

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>Date: Mon, 22 Apr 1996 09:58:09 EDT
>From: LBJH@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>To: Multiple recipients of list ARLIS-L <ARLIS-L@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Cosway bindings
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>This question is being cross-posted to ARLIS-L and Museum-L,  Please
>excuse the duplication.
>For a possible exhibition at the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of
>Rochester, we would like to be in contact with libraries, rare books depts.
>or museums owning collections of Cosway Bindings.  These bindings, named
>after miniaturist Richard Cosway, were produced by the Henry Sotheran
>publishing company in the 19th century, and generally included miniatures
>inlaid into the binding.
>If you have any knowledge of institutions holding collections of Cosway
>Bindings, please contact:
>Dan Knerr
>Exhibits Registrar
>Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester
>500 University Ave.
>Rochester, NY 14607
>(716) 275-3081
>or reply via email to
>Lu Harper
>Director of Library Services
>Memorial Art Gallery
>Many thanks.

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