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Re: vandercook

>Hello:  I anm looking for a Vandercook sp15 press available in the Boston,
>New England area.  Any info would be much appreciated. Thankyou.  Lilias

I happen to own a Vandercook sp15 proof press and it currently lives in the
home that I own in Norwich, CT.  The reason I am regretfully willing to let
go of it is that I do not currently live in said home and will need to
eventually move it out.  I don't currently have a place to move it to and
rather than allow it to languish in a damp basement, it would do my soul
good to know it is in a good home.

While I am at it I might as well take the plunge and offer up to any
interested parties the rest of my equipment which includes multiple fonts
of type (in cases and stands) a small Kelsey job press (business cards,
etc.) a larger Kelsey job press (on a stand) and a Chandler and Price Press
that may or may not be salvageable (it's been in a barn).

I have purchased some of the type (relatively new) and acquired the rest
with my presses.

I am not looking to make a financial windfall on any of this stuff, it's
more important to me that it go to a good home.  I can't deliver - so if
you're interested, you would need to come and get it.

Leah Prescott, Information Technologies Librarian
Mystic Seaport Museum

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