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Re: Mold question.

I have some 18 century magazines that i used rubbing alcohol with a artists
brush then let dry--I read in some book about it -it seemed to work-also I
heard of putting paper with mold in a microwave oven but not enough to heat
up the glue to much-it gets the moisture out of the paper without browning
it-but seems to drastic to me.

>Hello all, this came via the feedback form from the GBW page. Anyone care to
>respond. Please resond to him since he is not on the list. His email is:
>>              Variable  Content
>>              --------  -------
>>              subjcode GBW Feedback
>>      MailFormRealName Craig Miller
>>     MailFormUserEmail cfmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>>             gbwmember no
>>              comments Dear GBW:
>>                       I'm hoping you can provide me with some
>>                       information or
>>                       refer me to an appropriate source.
>>                       I need to find out how to deal with
>>                       book materials that
>>                       have become moldy.  I want to stop the
>>                       mold from
>>                       increasing as well as remove as much
>>                       mold as is present
>>                       without damaging the paper of the book.
>>                       The "paper" is a heavy coated stock and
>>                       the mold is
>>                       relatively minor.  That is to say, the
>>                       mold is visible
>>                       and spread across the pages but it's in
>>                       small bits and
>>                       the paper isn't warped or otherwise
>>                       damaged.  I believe
>>                       the coating on the stock has protected
>>                       it so far.
>>                       Do you have any suggestions or sources
>>                       I might check
>>                       for information or assistance?
>>                       Thank you.
>>                       Craig.
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