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Re: Mold question.

  Might I suggest checking the CoOL, Conservation OnLine, web site.
Sorry I don't have the url but it is linked to most of the book sites on
the web.  CoOL has an archives of all questions and answers posted on the
Conservation DistList and I know mold in books has been discussed.  I
strongly discourage brushing the pages with alcohol.  Alcohol and the
additives used in rubbing alcohol could be a solvent for inks and other
printing media.  As you drag the brush or wipe the alcohol across the
page you may end up with smearing. Microwaving is *definitely* out.  Not
only is there the chance of damaging the oven because of hidden metal in
the books, but you may scorch the books because of hidden metal.  Then
there's the unseen damage to the paper's cellulosic chains
which results in the paper becoming brittle.

  Is it mold or mildew that is the problem?  From the description it
sounds more like mildew.  In that case, a good airing out of the books in
question should take care of it.  The stains are there for good.  Careful
storage in a dry, cool, well ventilated space should prevent further

Bobbie Pilette
Preservation & Conservation Studies
Graduate School of Library & Information Science
University of Texas-Austin

On Tue, 30 Apr 1996, gary walker wrote:

> I have some 18 century magazines that i used rubbing alcohol with a artists
> brush then let dry--I read in some book about it -it seemed to work-also I
> heard of putting paper with mold in a microwave oven but not enough to heat
> up the glue to much-it gets the moisture out of the paper without browning
> it-but seems to drastic to me.
> >Hello all, this came via the feedback form from the GBW page. Anyone care to
> >respond. Please resond to him since he is not on the list. His email is:
> >cfmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >Peter
> >
> >
> >>
> >>              Variable  Content
> >>              --------  -------
> >>              subjcode GBW Feedback
> >>      MailFormRealName Craig Miller
> >>     MailFormUserEmail cfmiller@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> >>             gbwmember no
> >>              comments Dear GBW:
> >>                       I'm hoping you can provide me with some
> >>                       information or
> >>                       refer me to an appropriate source.
> >>                       I need to find out how to deal with
> >>                       book materials that
> >>                       have become moldy.  I want to stop the
> >>                       mold from
> >>                       increasing as well as remove as much
> >>                       mold as is present
> >>                       without damaging the paper of the book.
> >>                       The "paper" is a heavy coated stock and
> >>                       the mold is
> >>                       relatively minor.  That is to say, the
> >>                       mold is visible
> >>                       and spread across the pages but it's in
> >>                       small bits and
> >>                       the paper isn't warped or otherwise
> >>                       damaged.  I believe
> >>                       the coating on the stock has protected
> >>                       it so far.
> >>                       Do you have any suggestions or sources
> >>                       I might check
> >>                       for information or assistance?
> >>                       Thank you.
> >>                       Craig.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
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